Explore the roots of English words by theme.

front page of music worksheet pack
The roots of key primary music terms
Planets, astronomy and all things space-y
A poster showing the Latin, Greek and Anglo-Saxon roots of some Christmas-themed English words.
Discover the origins of some seasonal words
Citizenship resources bundle
Explore the origins of citizenship vocabulary
Latin and Greek… in your local supermarket
Celebrate European Day of Languages
A poster showing geography-related words and their derivations
The origins of some geographical words students may encounter
A poster showing colour words and their derivations
A great resource for extending Art vocabulary
A poster showing the Latin and Anglo Saxon roots of some football-themed English words.
Explore the vocabulary behind some soccer terms
A poster showing the Latin, Greek and Anglo Saxon roots of some Halloween-themed English words.
Some spooky words – why save for Halloween?
Poster and worksheets for electricity-themed words
Some key vocabulary for learning about electricity